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What you do when you get a big mac, supersized fries, and a extra large malt at McDomnalds
Yo I mcstuffed myself today at mcdonalds
by Lil Duff 2008 August 06, 2008
Happy St. Patties Day!
The legendary goop from which all McDonald's menu items are derived. Chilled and pooped out of machine into a cup, it's a shake. Baked in an oven, it's a bun. Grilled, it's a burger. Molded different ways and fried, it's french fries, chicken nuggets, onion rings, etc.

Generally anything that comes from a McDonald's restaurant.

Also anything that's cheap, abundant, undesirable and valueless.
The McStuff... it is... ALIVE!
by evildave August 25, 2010
Happy St. Patties Day!
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