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A term used to reference cannabis/marijuana/weed.
This Jazz Cabbage got me zooted. Jazz Cabbage is less harmful than Squares. I’m smoking that Jazz Cabbage boy.
by Gypsiehood97 December 30, 2017
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The worst place on earth it basically a jail for learning its a living hell if you have Mrs Jacobson you best run

The kids that go there a fake and make me want to die literally die they are so stupid
The food is like plastic
The teachers are dum and rude

I don't recommend go there

If you walk on the wrong side of the hall you get iss

The only good this is PE

You will want to die if you go there
You remember McClure middle school
"Shithole jail or hell "
Yeah that shity ass place
via giphy
by Vickieeeeee 🤤 April 10, 2019
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McClure is a great school. The system is well organized. Most of the teachers are friendly and kind. This is a good school, students come here to learn and get a good education, so all of you students saying that it’s the worst school ever... try going to a different middle school, I bet you’ll say the same thing. Because it’s school. School is school. Most students hate school. So for that matter ANY school you go to you are going to hate. If you don’t like a teacher, stand up for them. If you get in trouble for somethinf you didn’t do, try to explain what happened, or if you get iss or silent lunch, just deal with it, because YOU know what happened, who cares what other people think.
Some people call it a “hell hole”. Simply because they hate school, I mean come on y’all, what do you expect from middle school???? Freedom???? Some people say the students at McClure are retarded.... so they are calling themselves retarded. In the last definition there was extreme hatred towards Mrs. Ussary. I understand that nobody really likes her, but you have to be better than the bad people. That means not hating on them. McClure Middle School is a great school and if you can’t see that, nobody cares.
by Yeemontoo April 11, 2019
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DOODOO. alright for Cobb county tho. eighth grade teachers are the best, food is pretty bad. advice for students coming here: don't fight in the lunchroom (too generic), don't pull fire alarms when there isn't a fire, bring your own lunch, don't sell bang energy drinks in the bathroom, don't do drugs, and get good grades

oh and also don't poop in the urinals
Shelby: Yo, you go to McClure Middle School?
Patricia: Yeah, wanna see a video of the fight that happened in the lunchroom?
by morningcupofjoe March 25, 2021
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