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This word, or two,mean yes and originates from the French term 'mais oui'and basically means yes said very enthusastically. This is used by us genious folk to show our fantastic language skills unlike those wicca wicca blazin' squad memebers or those involved in the ponchomania phenomina whose language skills are roughly nil. Anyway may i wish you much elemayo in the use of this new word.
'So, Katie, are you stalking James who works in H&M?'
'May wee'
by Katie and Ellie December 29, 2004
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This word derives from the french "mais oui" (yes) and is used when in accordance with anything someone says.

Ellie (half of katie and ellie) thinks she is amusing to define it using the example that katie is stalking someone in H&M. This is utter rubbish, the story goes that once I liked him about 5 years ago. Oh, ignore her if she mentions anyone from john lewis too! Little stiring bitch!

Please feel free to look up some of our other words
-katie and ellie
-wicca wicca balzin' squad
-sore throat
-Does katie like someone real from school? and oh, is ellie a weirdo?!
-may weeeeeeee
by me December 29, 2004
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