When someone posts a pointless and unrelated gif in a group chat. Everyone thinks the gif is stupid except for the person that posted it.
Mike: "Look Mauro posted another trash gif".

Bob: "Yeah he always does it, it's a Mauro gif aka a trash/pointless/unrelated gif".
by thisisanameichosetouse June 02, 2018
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He's an awesome YouTuber he's the best! He's a god . Mauro Mata Tv gang!!!!!!!THE BEAST
I love Mauro Mata Tv . Mauro Mata Tv is my favorite YouTuber. I'm a fan of Mauro Mata Tv
by NOTSPONGEBOBLOL:) October 20, 2020
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The name of someone who loves Mia more👫
It’s a known fact that Mauro loves Mia more
by Dinohunter173 December 16, 2021
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Mauro is a charming guy, who knows how to use his understanding of people to manipulate them. He can be quite apathetic and may seem narcissistic at times but most people still like him because of his (fake) charm.
Mauro has a lot of friends, the best of them being a very nice guy whom he really likes even though he finds himself superior to him.
"Mauro's such a douche. I still like him though"
by chhgeknfflj24 November 24, 2021
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Biggest behind anyone has ever seen.
A huge bandonker with every cheek having its own gravitational pull.

Can be used as sofa
Have you seen Mauro's ass... It's huge!
by Nomame November 23, 2021
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