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Matt Good is kinda a celebrity reject. Once famous for bands D.R.U.G.S. and From First to Last(with lead vocalist later celebrity Skrillex), the ex-guitarist/vocalist spends his time making dubstep remixes of songs. He is the self-proclaimed "Father of Felines" and loves Star Wars.
He, along with Andy Biersack, made a short internet sensation out of "railing", which started in Seattle, WA.
Might be best known for his white Batman costume.
He resides in Los Angeles.
Example 1:
Jake: dude I heard Matt Good is gonna come on tour again with BVB
Mike: I sure hope so I mean just think of all the funny picture's we'll get of him and Vikki
Jake: I wish FFTL would get back together. They were kick-ass.
Mike: me too, brutha, me too..

Example 2:
Tina: haha have you seen the picture of Matt Good dressed as batman?!
Mike: yeah everyone teases him about it and calls him the Grand Wizard of the KKK
by laurenliveslife October 05, 2013
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A fantasy band made up of Andy Biersack, Vikki Swink, Matt Good, and Vanessa James.
Andy is from Black Veil Brides and has done side projects like Average Joe and the Chance & Andy show.
Vikki is from soEmo.uk.co, is a Gore Site Model in training, and has competed in one NAM.

Matt Good is from Kit Fysto, with past bands Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows and From First to Last.
Vanessa James is the owner of Sugarfix Clothing, appearing in a wide range of music videos and Transformers 2.
Jake: Always Asleep Never Dead can never be a real band because of the contract Matt Good had to sign when he was in D.R.U.G.S.
Melissa: I know.. sucks for them!

Jake: It's all Craig Owens fault
by laurenliveslife September 26, 2013
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Kit Fysto is a (somewhat) new project created by Matt Good (FFTL, DRUGS) with help from his friend AJ Calderon. It's dubstep, I guess.
Mitch: Kit Fysto DJ'ed between acts at the Asking Alexandria show last night. They're pretty cool. Nice people.
Lisa: No one cares
by laurenliveslife October 16, 2013
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