A sex position commonly seen in hentai and Rule 34 and sometimes porn. It is normally just the Missionary position (albeit exaggerated) from the view of the couple’s rear, with the added touch of the penetrator’s legs more up on the receiver’s legs for “deeper” penetration. It looks as though the penetrator is squating while in the position.

This position is commonly seen in breeding/impregnation kinks, with the receiver being skeptical of being pleased/fucked or just being cocky or superior, followed by a female egg being fertilized seconds within seconds of the penetrator cumming despite in reality taking several days or weeks of the woman to actually become fertilized. The receiver is usually crying out in pleasure as a result.

A similar position is the Pile Driver.
“Man, that view of the mating press really turned me on!”

“I did a mating press with my wife and she got pregnant the next day!”
by El Fuckface October 2, 2018
Mating press is a sexual term where a person drives their penis all the way into you until it’s at the base and keeps pressing into you while pulling you closer to it.
man i wanna be mating pressed by glamrock freddy so bad.
I heard you like mating press :)?
by February 6, 2022