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The girl's name Marya \m(a)-rya, mar-ya\ is a variant of Maria (Latin) and Mary (Latin), and the meaning of Marya is "star of the sea" in latin. The Arabic name Marya means - purity; bright whiteness. A Hebrew name meaning "Wished-for child." "Seen by Yahweh" The name Marya ranked 2748th in popularity for females of all ages in a sample of the 1990 US Census. Though this name appears on the 1990 U.S. Census lists, it is used by only a small percentage of the general population.Some scholars believe her name could have originated in the ancient Egyptian language. Others offer alternate interpretations, including ''rebellion'' and ''sea of bitterness.''
the slavic meaning of marya is bitter.

marya is also 16th century Prussian
by moma jo March 07, 2009
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a peng ting who know she's IT! she's a loud and confident individual who has a lot of dark secrets. She's popular amongst girls and boys ...mainly boys. this sexy gyal attracts swarms of males everywhere she goes. all the boys want her but she only has one special person in her heart. Her deep exotic eyes and her glowing skin will captivate any onlooker. However there is a side of her she hides from the outside world and is misunderstood all the time a spiteful individual but behind the scenes she is a sweet and vunerable girl despite the bitch persona. known for her notorious eye roll.
Boy: Damn is that marya!!!
Girl: -Rolls eyes-
Marya: -smirks- walks off
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by ExclusiveDefinitions April 02, 2019
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