someone who's voice is strangely similar to microsoft sams.
h e l l o booys i a m m a r t a i n
by Big Tezza May 10, 2005
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Martaine is a beautiful, tall women, with a good heart.

A Martaine is kind, compassionate, and is the epitome of the perfect woman and mother. Other women dont compair to her, she's on another level of beauty. She cant see it though, but when she realizes it, she's the kind if person to continue being kind and loving to all.

Friends will call a Martaine, taine. Its quicker.

People use taine to say beauty or being loving.
Beautiful Kind Loving Understanding Gorgeous Wonderful Perfect Martaine Taine
by MoyoAndUpendo December 26, 2013
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He is a raider commander who when you don’t run fast enough will scream at you till you all shut your pants. He is also a marine which means that he likes to yell a lot and hide in weird places or create a crew to run out of the woods with sticks.
Jesus that dude screams like a Kyle Martain
by Creekview male team November 2, 2020
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DC comics character; member of the JLA.

The one guy in the league who can kick even Superman's ass.
Batman: "Shit, Superman is out of control! Get the Martain Manhunter angry and watch him kick Superman's ass!"
by Buffalo Bob November 11, 2003
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