People born on February 13th are normally genuinely nice to hang out with. They get along with almost everyone but yet only consider a few people their friend since they have trouble letting others in. Since its the day before valentines day no one remembers your birthday, and when you tell them the day they always say the same thing.
“Oh your birthday is February 13th ? Thats a day before valentines day !”
by lucyismycat October 18, 2019
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Girls born on this day are very special. You cannot replace them. They will give you unconditional love, the best advice, are intuitive and are independent. If you take her for granted, she will let you go and you will regret it for the rest of your life.
Person 1: she's born on February 13?

Person 2: yes.
Person 1: wow, she must be a goddess.
by Fmme88 February 13, 2021
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if someone is born on this day, they are the most perfect human to ever live, if it’s a boy they are extremely smart, intuitive, and charming. If it’s a girl, she is very independent and caring Also, they’re an aquarius which is the best sign.
Girl: My boyfriend’s birthday is February 13th, I have to get him something
Girl #2: You better get him something amazing, didn’t you hear only the best of the best were born that day.
by TheBringerOfFacts October 16, 2019
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If you are born on February 13 than you are an wonderful person to talk to about anything, your kind , funny ,And you are an undercover freak. But great in the bed, especially if your a girl
Him: when is your Birthday ?
Her: February 13th

Him: O wow
by Great !! December 1, 2019
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National kiss your best friend day.
Come on give it a shot!!!!
Maybe they'll like it and y'all will start dating!!!

Don't kiss your bestie if your not bi and your bestie is the same gender though!!!!!
Kyle:Oh,hey Karen!!!!
Karen: Kyle come closer
Karen:*kisses Kyle*
Kyle:What was that for???
Karen:It's National Kiss Your Best Friend day silly!!!
Kyle:What day is it again??
Karen:National Kiss Your-
Kyle:No I mean like the month and then like the date??
Karen: February 13
Kyle:Oh, Yeah!!!!!!
by Pink_KitKats November 2, 2019
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Person 1. "It's February 13th today."

by cupcakeface August 31, 2008
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