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A marlian is any real follower of the controversial Nigerian singer,Naira Marley.A marlian must love a controversial lifestyle,not giving a fu*k what anyone says about you.A marlian must have no mannaz!
James recently became a marlian.
by el roi December 7, 2019
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A term for a highly obsessive fan of a certain 'controversial' Nigerian artiste, Naira Marley. Marlians are the most terrifying music fanbase out there. And in case it wasn't obvious, it's a combination of Marley and lie-on (pronounced as lee-ann).

Members are young persons in their late teens and early 20s, and adults who missed out on their childhood - they all obsess over him to no end.

In many minds of Marlians, Naira Marley is the second coming of the legendary Bob Marley.

Members of Marlian will not hesitate to harass fans of Simi, Ruggedman, Adekunle Gold and upstanding members of society.

Their chief weapon (among others) is simulated masturbation act in public and foul-mouthed rhymes.
Girl: Who is the droopy-panted half wit yelling obscenities and waving around rolls of cash?
Guy: Oh...that's Ikhide! He's a Marlian.
by Grumpy Ned January 3, 2020
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A Noun. /mæh-le-æn/
The group of 21st century revolutionary Nigerian Youths taking a stand against inane Nigerian cultures and mentalities that have long held them and those before them captive. Often times they place exaggerations over their rebelling to make it look more friendly and less occult to the society, yet, the society still makes it look like a cult.
Marlians come forward, the rest fuck off.
Marlians have no respect

We Marlians do not wear belts
by Victortheplanet February 4, 2020
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A 'Marlian' is a (true) follower of popular Nigerian musician Naira Marley. Also known as his 'no-belt-gang', this group of people are very devout followers of Naira Marley and are known to usually be skilled in illicit activities such as 419 and yahoo
Marlians Marlians Marlians
by kenzoboy December 29, 2020
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Group of fans with wayward characters, gotten from a popular Nigerian musician Naira Marley
I attended a party last night, half of which were marlians
by Cassini_Emmanuel December 30, 2020
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A MARLIAN simply means men on drugs without belt and it is also know as a gang
Things involved in a marlian are:

(3)beat up people with belt
(4)and kill anyone who beats up their member✌
by Gypsy nuela April 18, 2020
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