A very explicit couple that is always in action , they have 2 babies already and aren’t even married, one of them called George. Mark and sally always want some time alone , you can never look at them without seeing explicit action . However, They find it normal to hit on the other gender in clubs in front of each other. Mark and sally usually appear in stories , they have a cute relationship but mostly explicit , the other couple in the story are wayy cuter tho ;)

From s to j ;)
Ohh godd it’s mark and sally getting explicit again.
* looks at u *
by aidanadia June 16, 2022
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A very large Italian man who just loves goats and saying what
Why is Ryan mark Haave always saying what? What?
by Joe has ligma November 23, 2021
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It’s when you talking to a person a lot or like a person you end up seeing and noticing them or people of their family more and more by random chance, it originated in 1908, When Sr Mark Kleval was wandering the streets of East London when he came across a young lady and had an attraction for her and started talking to her, from that day on every time he stepped into the street for the rest of he’s life he saw a different element of this young lady, either her, her car, one of her parents or one of her close relatives, sadly he only lived for a year after that.
Damb Bro, I’m convinced I see this girl I’m taking to everywhere, it has to be the Mark Kleval Theory.
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