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Me: im smokin alot of weeeeed
Schuyler(mariwannabe): oh cool i havent smoked anything before :D:D
by LOL---(]==3 June 08, 2010
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An individual who is remarkably bad at smoking weed. The mari-wannabe will often request to smoke repeatedly, and then say "I'm good" after a single hit. Mari-wannabes will sometimes pretend to have the munchies after smoking and eat large quantities of food in front of the television just for show. Mari-wannabes are widely believed to be incredibly unpleasant in the event they actually do get high, and often blurt gibberish or freak out uncontrollably, requiring that they then be babysat by their non-mari-wannabe acquaintances for a number of hours. Mari-wannabes typically do not take up smoking until about senior year of high school, after everyone else they know has, and often talk about smoking weed far more often than they actually partake in it. They generally end up getting arrested because they were driving 10 miles per hour in a 30 zone because they were afraid of accidentally speeding with their bowl in the car with them.
Jack: Hey man, let's smoke, should I invite Frank?

Ryan: Naw man, I realized last weekend, after he took one hit of regs and passed out on my couch for the next 24 hours that Frank's just a mari-wannabe.
by Peejkayne October 10, 2011
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