smooth passing out in front of a crowd of people
We were all having a good time at the party when Stacy smooth Marie Osmond right onfront of everyone
by agroce November 9, 2007
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A person that has a heart of gold and wants the best for everyone that surrounds her. She is more than a Celebrity, she is someone that I look up to, and value all the love that she has for others. Her kindness and unselfish ways are 2nd to none. One of the best friends that a person could have. A true angel in disguise.
Marie Osmond is the most loving and caring woman that I know.
Marie Osmond would give her heart and soul to protect her family and loved ones.
Nobody cares for, or loves her children more than Marie Osmond does.
Marie Osmond is strong and a real fighter. She fights for all that she believes in, no matter what life adversities have been thrown her way. Still even in the worst of situations, Marie Osmond will never let you down.
by idon'tknowyet October 14, 2008
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The biggest losers ever. They are brother and sister and fucked each other, they're music sucks and Im glad they're dead or depressed or born again christians, b/c they suck and the world has had enough

MArie: Dammit Donnie! moms right there
by Tony ramone June 18, 2005
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