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He is a very sweet boy and is very smart. He is great to talk to one on one but as soon as he's with his friends he tends to become a little annoying. He has a dirty mind and makes jokes all the time but not to the extent where it becomes irritating. He is a great person to be friends with, but don't lead him on because he is very cocky when someone likes him and turns into somewhat of an asshole. Marianos are very thoughtful and considerate and make time to make you feel special.
Girl 1: Hey do you like Mariano?
Girl 2: Ehh. Kinda… I see him more as a friend but yeah I guess…why?
Girl 1: Well last night he text me and said that he "knew" you liked him!
Girl 2: Well I don't really "like like" him if that's what he meant

Girl 1: That's how he said it!!
Girl 2: Nahh he wouldn't do that...
Girl 1: He told his friends today at lunch too!! And I've heard it from two other people as well!

by Nickiee C. January 15, 2013
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a total sweetheart.
marianos are absolutely wonderful, always winning you over with their latin charm. intelligent, thoughtful,and sweet, it's hard not to love a mariano. although they are prone to occassional lapses in judgement, they will always be the sweetest guy you know.
He is such a mariano.
by the turtledove April 09, 2009
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a orangutan sometimes mistaken for a boy. who is veery hairy and usually has curly hair. he likes to swing from vines and climes trees and play soccer and he is naturally hairy. many people mistake his name for maria on paper because he looks so much like a hairy orangutan girl.
girl: omg did u see that boy he was so hairy.
boy: that wasnt a boy it was a mariano
girl: oh no wonder.
boy:its a common mistake
by ifdghanf January 27, 2009
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A man loving gay male blood elf who roams the maltese isles, searching for its next gay rape victim. He is also not very accademically gifted. Noted indefinetely by his political opinion on communism. Mariano also hates the internet, because it cannot possibly supply the un-imaginably extreme caliber of gay porn that he seeks. Unfortunately is also a friend of ours.
Disclaimer:We dont own blood elves.
Note: No one, other the Mariano who is our friend is being offended. THIS IS A JOKE
(If you are a man) "I LOVE YOU"
"I am Mariano, the gay man loving blood elf!"
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