March 13th is National slap your sister day. If it's your birthday you get to punch her. If you don't have a sister. Punch the first girl you see.
Josh:It's my bday! Ima punch the hell out of my sister cause it's March 13th
by UrPapa September 28, 2019
national cut a bitch day. this is the only day of the year that it is acceptable to cut fake bitches out of your life and they can’t say shit about it.
person 1: hey bitch i’m dropping you sorry
person 2: why so suddenly?
person 1: it’s march 13th
person 2: oh my bad i forgot
by the quirkiest January 28, 2020
March 13th is when the best people are born.
They're perfectionistic you will literally regret it forever if you don't meet one.
They. Will. Change. Your. Life. Except also sometimes they won't (destiny is not an exact science). If you ever meet someone born on March 13th, you should tell them "You're cool to me now."
Johnny: "Wow! You were born on March 13th?"
Papa: "Yes."
Johnny: "You're cool to me now."
by Mom's Daughters November 28, 2019
Happy national corona day! The day where most public schools canceled classes for 2 weeks due to the corona virus. It all started friday the 13th
person 1: omg it’s march 13th
person 2: happy national corona day!!
by @lovelymillieschnapp on IG March 13, 2020
March 13th where Friday the 13th happened. No coincidence? Jason must be killing us with this coronavirus, and bullshit
Person 1: Man I hate this coronavirus

Person 2: Yeah who knew “March 13th” would be cursed?
by SweetJonesOfMatthaa March 3, 2021
The day when the best type of introverts are born
Gabriel: Michael was born on March 13th
Christian: Oh that makes sense why he’s such an introvert
by Rubbadubimdatub October 16, 2019
it’s march 13th !!!
what’s so special about march 13th…?
by danianiana May 1, 2022