when your a man and you exist as a form of harassment.
When Sargon was sitting quietly in his seat Anita felt harassed by his manxisting.
by Church of Kek June 30, 2017
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A crime punishable by death committed by men who rape women by their mere presence in a room.
Anita says she needs rehabilitation because Carl was manxisting in the same room!
by jacurutu June 30, 2017
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n. A vile microaggression characterized by a males mere presence within two-hundred feet of any proud woman who doesn't consent to having her essence field corrupted by a man's toxic masculinity and built-in oppression field.
Anita Sharkfeezian had to undergo the cruel torment of being subject to manxisting's torturous effects on her psyche during her VidCon panel. Honestly, she was the REAL victim of the situation.
by wowgain June 30, 2017
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