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A slang term used commonly among teenagers on social media outlets which is an acronym for Before Anyone Else, although it can be rather annoying, the common thought that it is Danish for poop is actually false, similar to how swag is not a secret acronym.
Adam: Lol did you know that bae means poop

Ben: Even though bae is annoying as hell, that just isn't true
by wowgain December 23, 2014
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n. A vile microaggression characterized by a males mere presence within two-hundred feet of any proud woman who doesn't consent to having her essence field corrupted by a man's toxic masculinity and built-in oppression field.
Anita Sharkfeezian had to undergo the cruel torment of being subject to manxisting's torturous effects on her psyche during her VidCon panel. Honestly, she was the REAL victim of the situation.
by wowgain June 30, 2017
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