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A group of guys, gathering to discuss topics beyond (or including) the homeless, girls, shaving patterns, sports or other manly things. No chicks allowed. They shouldn't even know about it.
"Hey Fred, have you heard the recent manversation about classifying girls vaginas as different animals? They said Emma's was a Walrus!"
"Dude... that's my girlfriend... but they're kinda right..."
by Phetal November 16, 2006
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The act of two men having a secret conversation in front of the person they are talking about without actually saying more than around 6 words, instead the words are replaced with a series of head nods, bobs, tilts and eyebrow raises.
Me: Dude are you... "Head bob" You know... "Raises eyebrow in direction of chick"
Other guy: Huh?
Me: You know... "tilts head at girl while raising eyebrow"
Other guy: Oh... "Head nod" :D

Rouglhy translated as

Me: "Dude are you hitting that fine assed pussy?"

Other guy: "Which one dude, I know not which poon you speek of"

Me: "You know the one over there, around 5'10", long blonde hair, blue top with white stripes and a brown bag"

Other guy: "Ohh... Yes my friend I am indeed sleeping with that fine young lady, she is indeed very good and does all the nasty stuff we all dream of"

That's a manversation
by FeenixB1o7 May 06, 2009
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1. When two close man friends discuss woman, relationships, etc.
2. An intellectual and meaningful conversation between two men
Guy 1: "Me and Paul just had a great manversation at the park"
Guy 2: "Did you talk about your girlfriend?"
by B Rose June 09, 2010
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Two heterosexual dudes having a serious/heart to heart conversation
Jonny: hey where's Keith? Hes up in beer pong.
Dan: I think hes on the porch having a manversation with Zack.
by liemaker June 24, 2010
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When two men talk to each other about their problems in a non-gay way; to "manversate".
Dude, I got some problems... I don't wanna sound gay... But we need to have a manversation.
by justabro February 09, 2011
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a conversation between two men who are close friends (usually whilst intoxicated) where personal stories and secrets are shared in the comfort of knowing neither one of you will remember what was said in the morning
me:hey morgan remember last night when we were having a manversation and i told you about that time i shat myself?
morgan:no what are you talking about?
me:never mind...
by tiediedemon January 01, 2008
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