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The process of building up individuals into despised or detested members of society so that members of the majority - who claim to be oppressed - can lay blame on a scapegoat. Usually is delivered against persons unable to defend themselves alone (loners, free-thinkers, new arrivals, disabled, etc.) and after such a label is applied retribution is sure to follow.
1. The young man's family began to suspect he was gay since he never had a successful relationship that would lead to marriage; at the summer picnic his cousins attacked him in a drunken-induced rage.

2. After rejecting another man's affections, rumours spread around town suggesting the young woman was a lesbian and was soon greeted with profanities.

3. He was always shy throughout his life and never knew how to approach the ladies. His minister warned him if he didn't get married he'd be living in sin and spend eternity in the company of the devil. One night he walked into a bar and hours later was beaten to death with pool cues.
by Boodmanarisin August 10, 2005
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