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A secret plan known and worked out by two or more men that is centered around scoring women. It may involve a foreploy, diving on grenades, or the bucking bronco and possibly some high fives
Ok lets break it down.
Where going on a double date, the end goal is we take these women home and give them the shagging of there lives, meet each other in the hallway the next day as we leave and give each other high fives.

Ok manplan:
plan A: get them really drunk, really fast. possibly we 'accidentally' buy rounds at the same time.

plan B: There not into getting drunk because they have to work tomorrow, so we tempt them back to the house with promises of massages and tell them they can sleep in our spare bed (yea right!).

plan C: It doesn't work out, we agree that they are lesbians and bail.

by paul aka harry potter August 12, 2008
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An event or idea where men get together and watch a sporting event on a large television (mainly HD) while consuming large amounts of alcohol and eating large amounts of meat, pizza, or nachos.
Guy #1: Me and the guys are gonna watch the game at my house.

Guy #2: Want me to bring beer?

Guy #1: Sounds like a Man Plan.
by BigB34 April 17, 2010
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