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a Filipino term reserved usually for an person older than you. (Example: an older brother, your grandfather, older cousin, etc..)
Manong Jun-Jun will be 72 today!
by smiffytheninja January 14, 2008
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In Hawaii, "manong" is a slang word that refers to Filipino people.

It comes from the Ilokano word for "older male/brother/cousin".
Kawika: You know Finn? Ho, dat manong so akamai! (You know Finn? That Filipino is so smart!)
Jerry: I know right? Dat buggah get one perfect score on da last test! (I know right? That guy had a perfect score on the latest test!)
by suzukihmj October 2, 2020
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A person of Filipino descent. Hawai'i slang term.
There were two manongs at the bus stop.
by MeliaGirl November 13, 2006
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Manong is used widely in the Philippines to refer to or call on drivers of public transportations like bus and jeepneys.
Passenger: Manong, bayad po. (Manong, here's my fare.)
by mizdee October 30, 2009
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