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(n) A fingernail treatment, for instance cutting or cleaning, using a knife or other sharp object as opposed to traditional nail clippers.
Dylan - "You're not gonna get laid with nails like that man."
Bryan - "Wanna borrow my nail clippers?"
Scott - "Nah, just pass me that toothpick for a good 'ol fashion manlycure."
by james_kalakaua_jawaiian February 24, 2009
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When a man gets a manicure or has nicer nail beds/cuticles than most women, they have manlycured hands, rather than manicured hands.
Guy One: Dude, did you get a manicure? Your nails are so clean. Not cool.
Guy Two: Not a manicure, dude, just took care of my cuticles a little. It's still manly. It's a manlycure.
by RaeFace June 21, 2007
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