She hates to be lied to . She stuck up! Has few friends . She loves blue and pink. She's very pretty and she dress pretty . She mean and nice at times . She single cause guys aren't faithful !
by Samantha2836 December 22, 2013
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she is pretty she is really mean but nice she is lit she is jokes

she has lots of friends

she has a bad attiude she doesnt like wen people talk back to her

she can fight

she can take ur man

she has a nice body u will fall in love

she is super petty
a line that maniya says u hoeeeeeeeeee
by i just had to say October 18, 2018
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Spokesperson: 10 More minutes until you can have fun!

Kanye: This is just some Maniya

Ty: The biggest Maniya
by Kstackz October 31, 2020
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