noun, plural -ties, adjective

1. any congregation of two or more human males.
2. a grouping of human beings, distinguished by their lack of female reproductive organs, associated as members of a community
3. unwritten but universally accepted rules governing interactions between one or more males
4. a highly structured system of social organization for small or large-scale male gatherings that normally fosters insecurity, dominance (physical/sexual/mental), ridicule, and a world-wide acceptance for its members


5. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of manciety
2. the evolution of manciety.
3. Why do you let them talk to your like that? It’s Manciety, baby!
5. a manciety rule.
by mancietyDOTcom January 11, 2011
1) Are you going to be at the manciety this weekend? All the hot guys are going to be there
by HotTommy February 4, 2011