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the religious and/or political belief that men are superior to women

pervasive throughout all modern cultures and political systems

even in America, women didn't get the right to vote until 50 years after freed male slaves got the vote

in several Asian countries, female babies and fetuses are frequently killed or aborted because male children are much more highly regarded -- thus leading to the ironic outcome that in those parts of the world there are huge shortages of women for the sons to marry -- man-o-centric stupidity at its finest

in some Middle Eastern and African countries they practice female genital mutilation, cutting off a girl's clitoris under the theory or belief that only men's orgasms count, women don't deserve orgasms

"American capitalists, Chinese communists, Islamic shariaists, it doesn't matter, all of 'em are man-o-centric pricks."

"Shirley, we're all feminists here, we've heard the rant, give it a rest."

"Hah! See! You're just a victim of man-o-centric thinking!"

by dsimms April 21, 2008
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