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When a female text messages a guy, but he does not respond until hours later and usually with a one word response.
I texted _________ (insert guy's name) six hours ago about plans for tonight and he finally texted back saying "yeah"... uugghh I HATE man delay!!
by GFYslotslot October 20, 2011
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A male organ de-sensitizer that is the only way that piece of shit Tom DeLay can keep from jizzing himself anytime he contemplates his pact with Satan.

See also: Tom DeLay
In exchange for a soul, Tom DeLay chose a corrupt power grab and a case of "Man DeLay" to subdue his raging hard-on for Terri Schiavo, the only "living" woman who didn't threaten his fragile sense of masculinity with things like thought, speech, or any signs of being a human being rather than a baby-making factory with no right even to accurate information about contraception, let alone control over her own body and its reproductive organs.
by FunkyBumpkin April 29, 2005
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