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a. tired and overstimulated and sometimes sick from an overlong visit to the mall.

b. bored with the mall after too many recent visits
I bought Christmas presents all day on Black Friday. I am malled out!
by vividsplendiferous February 27, 2010
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When someone is so angry/frustrated they lose control of all rational thought.
I no longer have my computer because I Malled out so hard I put my foot through the tower.
by Smokin Hot September 19, 2010
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An off-roader that believes someone else's vehicle can't do a trail / obstacle because they haven't spent stupid amount of money on wasted items that are not needed for such trail / obstacle.
Dick is so Malled Out because he doesn't think Jim's stock JK can drive up a 1 foot ledge because he doesn't have dual lockers and 35 inch tires.
by Joshyutah October 13, 2017
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