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A chinstrap device intended for the facilitation of coddling and massaging the testicles and scrotum of an 80's glam rock lead guitarist or vocalist when administering fellatio in the parking lot of a Southern California grocery store.
Dude, I was working a 12-7 at Von's, and Vince Neil came in and I totally used my malibu feedbag on him next to my Trans Am in the parking lot.
by glamrockr November 19, 2006
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The resting of the testicles of a 80's hair band rocker from Malibu against one's chin to allow for the voracious licking, biting, and sucking of the balls and lower penis, performed in the manner of a horse eating out of a feedbag.

The Malibu Feedbag is always performed with the recipient/rocker standing and the "bagger" either crouching, bent-over, or kneeling; neither party may be lying down or sitting.

In a "Classic Malibu Feedbag" the recipient/rocker wraps an extra long belt around his naked waste and secures it around the "baggers" head to attach the "bag (i.e. testicles to the chin)" and prevent the "bagger" from stopping before the contents of the bag are "consumed/drained."

The inspiration for the name/manuver has been traced to an overly zealous Malibu supermarket "bagger" who would throw herself at all the rockers that shopped at the market (primarily Motley Crew), who, once given the opportunity to hang out in private, performed the maneuver out of shear uncontrollable lust for the band.
"Dude, I met this chic at a Crew reunion show last night who was so fuckin horny at the site of Vince, she dropped to her knees and gave me a wicked Malibu feedbag during Home Sweet Home."
by Stevo C. November 20, 2006
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