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This term is used to describe a specifically designated clean syringe, which is used to make up a bump intended to be split up between two or more people. This syringe is not used for injecting but rather to contain a large amount and transfer it in parts to each person's personal rig. It is marked by scratching off all the zeros in the row of numbers on the rig and, if properly kept and if it remains not injected into anybody's skin, can be reused untill it no longer draws up. This is a good ideal to reduce the risk of spreading IV related diseases during group bumps because the shot is made and passed out using a clean point for that purpose. Another advantage is for someone who bends and dulls out the needle tip while making a shot, to the point it is no longer useable to inject into their skin and another point is needed. its slang name says just what its purpose is, making up, thats why it is called, maker-upper.
hey do u have a "maker-upper" so i dont ruin my point making this up.
Wheres the "maker-upper?"
My "maker-upper" is the one with all the zeros scratched off.
Lets designate a "maker-upper" and mark it now so it don't get trashed.
Can one of these rigs be used as a "maker-upper?"
If you mess your point up before you poke anyone with it, you can simply make your "maker-upper" and it won't be a total waste.
by everythingjess November 07, 2011
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