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Makendal is usually a very soft hearted, and care for all. She grows up having fun with family, and friends. But the sweet girl might be playing you. She tends I hide away many of her feelings and doesn't open up to many. Trust is very important to her, she wants to be honest so other will be honest to her. Makendal is hard working. She is also smart and over achieves in English and Art, but she struggles with mathematics. Makendal is an over all beautiful, sweet girl. She likes to always make new friends and surrounds herself with positive energy. Makendal loves to play sports and spend time wirh people close to her. She always has a bright smile to lift everyone day, and helping other all the time. Makendal doesn't like to argue, do drugs, lie, or get in trouble. She is very talented and out going and many people think she odd for always being happy. Makendal gets confused easily, but she ends up laughing about it and not making a fuss out of it. Makendal is someone that is well worth spending your one with, she is more of go with the flow and agrees easily. Some tend to pass her but she keeps her head high. Makendal is loving, sweet, caring, and many more. So if you ever meet one be sure to keep her close if you ever need someone to make you laugh, because Makendal will make it her priority to help you. Makendal will be a friend to you and many others and once you see her happy you will forever wanna spend the day with her.
by Elli ril February 06, 2018
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