to have a cig, to go for a crap, most things relaxing and enjoyable
oi paul, do you want to make beautiful
by james perrett September 23, 2006
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It's sometimes believed that people who commit suicide get to make the sunsets in the afterlife.
A: Don't worry, I will make beautiful sunsets.
B: Please don't give up, you have so much ahead of you.
by altilisudoku April 12, 2022
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An amazing song written by the British boyband One Direction. It is their first single.
"Jesus Christ, 'what makes you beautiful' is amazing."
by Onedirectioninfectioner August 14, 2011
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This is the day to make babies, such as on 18th of May! All women will go through birth.
Person 1: Why do you have a baby in your hand?
Person 2: I just experienced birth... it's Make a beautiful baby day.
by Llalapebd November 9, 2021
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