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Mahira is someone who is capable, Swift, full of energy. She is caring, kind. Someone you can love, Someone who will stand by you no matter.
"expert and specialist"is the meaning of this name. But she is a girl who some time's loses her temper and be rude.
Mahira Khan ingenious, facetious, humorous
by colin lockhart May 28, 2013
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She is very kind, smart but shy. She may get angry and lose her temper from time to time. She is a sophisticated independent women.
She is so nice. She is very Mahira
by SlowSloth March 21, 2018
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Mahira is a beautiful pretty young girl who wants everything her way. She is a very funny and a retarded ass girl. She can become rude if u bother her and she can get annoyed easily. She does everything mad extra. Mahira is a great friend to have and she can bring the best outta u. She is the most lovable girl u can meet. NEVER LOSE A MAHIRA!!!
mahira is such a fun person
by urehgfvdsyuiowke June 16, 2019
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Mahira is very patient, cute, kind and caring. She's a very funny character and you can't deny that she's very lovable and fun to be around. Mahira can be shy and can't put up a fight.She cares a lot about her family and friends. She's always up for an adventure but when things don't go her you might want to leave the room. She gets very aggressive at times and truly expresses her feeling when she's upset.
by Mrs wong October 19, 2019
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Mahira someone who thinks she is always right no matter what and is a stuck up. She has no temper and is rude, blatant and an asshole to everyone. She is completely sad af and extra in everything she does. She believes her life is shit when she hasn't even seen others. She can be smart sometimes (really rare) and is very nasty with no etiquette. She will fart, burp and act unhuman anywhere and everywhere. She also has fetishes for weird things.
Person 1: Ew tf whyd u fart.
Person 2: Because i'm Mahira and completely right .
by Big shaw December 23, 2018
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An annoying prick who doesn't even let you breathe in peace.Makes you want to commit sucide.
It's okay to be a bitch but its never okay to be a Mahira.
by bare_Ps February 04, 2020
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