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A highly contagious illness, Nataliosis is when someone says that they are leaving the current conversation, when really they are sitting at the computer reading the conversation.

Another case of Nataliosis, also known as Natalieing is when you un-intentionally kill conversations, everytime you speak in them.

The only way to be cured of both cases of Nataliosis is to be run over by a magic unicorn.
1) Courtney killed the convo, she needs to stop Natalieing!

2) She has a severe case of Nataliosis, she was sitting there the whole time.
by thesecretpersonthatrules January 07, 2009

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A very rare species of unicorn, that can only found and riden by a person who has required the mystical candy canes.

The Magic Unicorns are known to have special powers that let them fly very fast, and have special healing powers, that let them heal their riders.

Magic Unicorns are also the only known cure for Nataliosis.
The magic unicorn flys so fast

I found the mystical candy canes, now I can get the magic unicorn!
by thesecretpersonthatrules January 07, 2009

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