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The wow moment, u experience when sth. magic happens. Magic not in the David Copperfield kind of way, but more like "uh, did this just really happen?! WE ARE MATCHING! marry me"

Or simply, the crucial factor that makes you know, that this person and you are kinda soulmates!
I.: I met this guy in the tube, he was sitting next to me and listening to 'Let me blow your mind' and 'Powerless'!!!

MC: Oh girl, hillarious! Magic moment!!!!! :D
by No wait, who are you? July 24, 2012
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the moment when you flick your cig and the ash on the tip turns from a cylinder to a cone shape
i was at the train stantion and thought ild have to wait a long time, so i lit up a cigarette, but the train came right then, hadnt even got to the magic moment before i had to crush out and board the train
by burShigi July 29, 2008
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