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Pure hot sex!!!
Pure hot filthy sex!!!
Clare: 'Lets go upstairs and have a Maduka'
Lucy: 'ok!!'
by Jimmeny Bob October 27, 2007
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Def 1-
Pure hot,filthy sex!The kind that makes you slightly ashamed of yourself it's that kinky. The kind you have for fun, not to make babies.
Def 2-
Sometimes referred to a person who enjoys pidgeon-holes,notes inside them and post-its.
Example 1:
" I had a maduka session the other day,it was fun but now i'm oh so very sore!"
Example 2:
" He's always checking his pidgeon hole, he's such a Maduka."
by Lucy McClare November 11, 2007
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A name given to hetrosexuals that have turned gay due to the influence of a single sexed school. Maduka's are normally found in deserted places in schools, usually having meaningless sex with people of the same gender to pass time.
Did you just see that Maduka?

Don't be such a Maduka, that chick is a babe !

Don't go to single- sex school or you'll become a Maduka !
by Professor of the HLI August 26, 2010
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