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Maddo or maddison;
-goofy smile
-unforgettable memories
-great person
-the best mate
-quickly judged
-smart as hell
-good music taste
-good taste in girls
-god damn sexy
-hard to say no to
-right about all
-great with advice
-funny as fuck
-never lies
-chick magnet
-has a hot mate. Brooke
-still a kid
-better love brooke
-or else :)

slut: maddo is the whole package
brooke: not if you know him properly, hes way more haha
slut: hmm, hook me up?
brooke: he has better taste
slut: i am good tasting
brooke: better fuck off slut
slut: or what?
brooke: ill smash you haha
by miss arnold!! May 27, 2008
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A mad cunt, eh. Most often in spoken language the word "maddo" is used to describe a friend or a close person who is somewhat reckless, strange or hyperactive. Although the word has a negative undertone to it, it is quite often used in a friendly, banterous, positive way to jeer at your mate who's being a nutter.
Person A: "Eh, you ken Craig right? He downed a whole bottle of Smirnoff the other night, then went off running the streets, bollocks naked, quoting the bible."
Person B: "Mate he's a fucking maddo."
by OhYouseWantedSomeWords January 12, 2018
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Uses the words Bri00liant and capitals alot, says what he feels and loves women!

Loves attention and random conversations

he is smart and scientists should test him for more than one brain

Also has a mate named brooke, who loves maddo and is absolutelly sexy and beautiful and he should have a tattoo of her name on his ass

and when ther retire together they can laugh about it.
"brookes loves maddo!"
"yeah, brooke is absoultely beautiful"
"yeah i know, thats why he got her name on his ass"
"haha, what an idiot"
"nah thats awsome"
by miss arnold May 27, 2008
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