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When getting blown, slam face before climax so it will blow out her nose. she will be so mad that she'll turn red like a mad dragon.
i did this to my girlfriend on i found out she was cheating on me and she thought i didn't know. she felt the same anger i felt, like a mad dragon.
by Bryan conn August 23, 2006
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when a girl is giving you head and you push her head down when your cuming and the cum comes out her nose
shit yo my nigga duane just got done given brenda a Mad Dragon
by yung wayne April 10, 2008
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1) A random msn term that came into use sometime in 2008. Invented by my friend Eden =), the word basically means that someone is madder than mad. The only thing madder than mad is a dragon. Hence Maddragon.
2) A really awesome dragon that breaths fire and flies. The king/queen of all dragons, it has 100000000000 exp points on Final Fantasy VII and can't die. It is said that if u look at it directly you will burn from the pure awsomeness.
MSN convo: "yo fuzzy, u r so maddragon for getting in with that chick."

by The Kalle-Myster September 12, 2008
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Mad Dragon is where you cum in a girls mouth and then hit the back of her head, and the cum flies out of her mouth like a dragon spitting fire.
Jerry:Dude you need to mad Dragon your wife , it's hot!
Gary:That sounds like fun.
by SuccTheTurkey December 16, 2016
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