Meaning are you pertaining to something you perceive in me.
I thought you were mad at me for saying that.
by CeoMastercoach February 1, 2018
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When You say stupid things and someone wants to kill you
“I’m acting stupid and Emily is a Julia” - Julia is mad at me
by CoolCucumber69420 March 20, 2021
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1. a nickname for a female named "amelia" or someone who is just all around great
usually a great friend and dancer.
2. a dance move that is crazy sick.
1. "Did you see Carol help that old man cross the street?"
"YES! She is such and A-mad-me."
2. "Did you just land and a-mad-me?"
by cool chica March 18, 2008
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O Y R U MAD @ ME? is an expression that means oh why are you mad at me?.
by Eren Yeeter December 2, 2020
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