A baker's dozen of dicks. No more, no less.

Related to the slang term mad, indicating "a lot" or an undefined large amount. When applied to dicks, however, "mad" signifies exactly thirteen.
"I JUST WANNA SUCK MAD DICKS TONIGHT. Do you happen to have twelve friends?"
by Beau Shuda October 21, 2011
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Jake: Hey man can I get my scooter back
Bill: nah yo it’s gone
Jake: mad dick yo, lemme get some money for it
Bill:mad dick nah
Jake: bro what do you had the scooter mad dick
by the mystery nigga August 27, 2021
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sucking mad dick

1. When someone says some shit that just doesn't make any sense
2. when someone says something that just aint happening.

James: Yo have you ever watched porn before?
Terrell: yea nigga that shit was wack.
James: what?! nigga you sucking mad dick.


Deshawn: Yo my 76ers gon take it next year.
Tyrese: what nigga? you sucking mad dick.
by SavShitOnly May 21, 2016
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Its when some girl (or guy if your gay) are feinding for the black cock. Usually White girls are diagnosed with this illness.
That bitch has a bad case of Black Dick Madness B.D.M.
by Big _Mike_ August 11, 2006
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