A beatifull young lady that has a bright soul. She is probably the bestest friend you could have. She's just so nice to everyone, and allot of guys fall for her
by Kebfjdbs March 16, 2017
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A beautiful girl who has overcome much in her life and is wise beyond her years. She is very calm in difficult situations, similar to Dumbledore. She is a great friend because she always knows what to say, will comfort you, cry with you, laugh with you, and play with you. She has eyes like no other and a smile that will light up the room. She is funny, crazy, and witty, social, very athletic and talented. She is someone you will want to keep around and love for a very long time. Macenzie may also be known as cenzie. Everyone knows her. She's friends with everyone from the popular group to pretty much the bottom. She knows everyone and makes friends easily. She also keeps those friends no matter what. She always has that one best friend. She has other best friends but this one's different. She makes all the guys fall in love and all the girls jealous. She's gorgeous in every single way. She's nice, sweet, funny, and just perfect. She's wonderful inside and out. But she does have secrets. Everyone thinks she's a happy, perky girl but truly, she's breaking. She's not sure why though. She has all she needs in life except for maybe that perfect boyfriend. She's the last girl you would expect to even think of suicide, but it's crossed her mind. If you ever come across a Macenzie, be sure to keep her. Maybe, along the way, she'll break and you'll be the one to pick up the peices. Honestly, a Macenzie is the most amazing person you will ever be able to meet.
boy: macenzie is so hot!

girl: wow i would like to be like macenzie.
by sdfg23 May 23, 2019
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Macenzi is smart,kind,funny,generally nice to have around.

She likes all people and accepts that they are all different.She also is very pretty.She is good at drawing,sports,and life.She might act sad or mad at some points of life or even act like a tomboy,but,she really likes a few people.And she thinks she is so ugly that people won't accept her for who she is.Even though she would do it for them.She is one of thirteen kids.And she Is not afraid to love the Lord Jesus Christ with all of her heart
Hannah:Is that Macenzi?
Christian:Yeah...She looks lovely today right?
Hannah:Yes she does.
by MacKenzie Danielle March 15, 2018
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