Noun. A woman with a skinny ass that has no shape. "Mayonnaise" is a slur for "man ass."
You know a woman is a Mayonnaise Ma'am when you see her from behind and mistake her for a man. Hip-huggers fit her like a sock.
by Carl Stawicki July 15, 2008
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A partial or total loss of memory effecting only women whilst shopping for clothes or holiday decorations.
Becky excitedly purchased a $200 Halloween wreath, not realizing she had already bought the same wreath, due to an early onset case of ma'am-nesia.
by Tommy Shenanigans October 14, 2021
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This occurs when a guy gets confused for a girl over the phone due to his soft tone of voice.
Guy: "Good afternoon, thank you for calling company X"

Caller: "Good afternoon Ma'am-Sir..."

Guy: "I'm a sir, not a ma'am-sir."
by Louis Xavier December 06, 2008
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being called "ma'am" by an attractive man who obviously considers you to be his mother's peer, not his.
I had hoped he might be interested in me, but when I was ma'am slammed, I realized he obviously considered me too old.
by 1SmartBlonde July 02, 2009
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A morbidly obese female, typical to the southern region of the United States, but indigenous anywhere processed food is in abundance. Ma'am-maws (pronounced mam-maw) tend to have many family members (future Ma'am-maws) as well as numerous animals all under one roof. Upon reaching a level of obesity where sex and age seem less pronounced, they will insist upon everyone calling them Ma'am-maw. They will almost always have a southern accent, despite the fact that they can be found all over the world. Ma'am-maws are quite partial to power chairs, sponge baths, children's beauty pageants, cats, daytime television, and of course almond roca.
I wanted some meatballs at the buffet, but some Ma'am-maw cleaned them all out!
by Scandanavian746 June 09, 2010
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To have sexual intercourse with someone, if the other person is female.
I gotta go home and howdy ma'am the missus.
by LudwigVan December 07, 2003
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