Basically mate, just written in acronyms.
Person 1: Hey m8, wassup?
Person 2: nm (nothing much)
by the unicorn gamer October 31, 2017
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the good 'ol murican way of sayin' mate!
by Mermer the dumbass September 14, 2017
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A shortening for mate, usally used in dank meme compilations.
by JoshtheFox05 March 5, 2017
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A male/female who is one's buddy, companion, or lover over the internet in chat
Great b8 m8, I r8 8/8

M8, stop hogging the ball
by John Cena, do do do do dooo October 19, 2017
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It just means mate. But in meme form. M+eight=m8 or... mate.
*in a text message* "Hey m8 wot are ya doin' tonight?"
by OlimarWil February 20, 2019
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OMG m8 you got a spieder in your hair
by Pattons_kiddo November 16, 2018
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