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Just like m4m on Craigslist is "male (looking) for male," and m4f is "male (looking) for female," m4g is "male for giraffe."

First appeared in the Penny Arcade comic, "The Carnal Consonant," with the first reference to Tycho's affinity for giraffes appearing in "Savannah Heat."
Tycho from Penny Arcade was cruising Craigslist for some sweet m4g action when his wife caught him.

"We've been married ten years, alright? Sometimes a man needs a little G."
by NovaNox May 12, 2009
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You can tell by the way she walks, she got that WAP.

You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
by Black Don August 06, 2020
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Monroe 4 Wheel Drive Gang. A group (a non violent group of friends) of country, coon ass, rednecks who drive 4 wheel drive trucks. The group originated in Monroe, Louisiana. The group is a very well respected group and can be seen sporting the "M4x4G" decal on their back glass. The founders of the group (Joseph Donald, Steven Reeves, and husband and wife Mr. Jackson Puckett and Mrs. Angie Puckett) are some of the most famous people of the south. To be a part of the M4G one must first mail in an application with $25 cash along with a picture of their 4x4 truck along with a brief description of their after market modifications added to their truck. They then will be reviewed and will receive either a acceptance or denial letter in the mail.
You don't know who M4G is? Man you ain't a true country boy.

Oh shit everyone move, here comes the M4G
by M4GFounder42 April 02, 2014
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Short for Made For Gaming, an online video game outlet (
Have you checked M4G lately ?
by urforyourban February 19, 2015
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