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Lyrique is a pretty and fun girl but has a bad attitude if u push her to hard she loves being around people expecially her friends and cares about there feelings expecially if yall are close .Lyrique is thick in the booty and athletic and is full of surprises she can be freaky at times to both genders.Lyriqueis kissable and tries to keep up her style and she takes criticism as it is nothing.
Guy1: daammnn who that
Guy2: that's lyrique

Guy1: she's fine and thick
Guy2:yea I'm boutta say wassup
by Dr.williams December 20, 2016
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she's probably the funniest person you'll ever meet. always keeping you on your feet! she always dancing, cheering or in some type of sport. she's beautiful. she's the most stubborn and emotionally unstable girl you'll probably ever have to deal with. she smiles weather she wants to or not.. always looking to brighten someone else's day, before she can brighten her own. when she starts to like a boy, she falls not intentionally. if she loves you, she'll tell you.. and mean it. she trusts only a hand full of people. she's scared of being hurt more than anything.. if you hurt her, good luck trying to fix things. there's a very low chance that she'll forgive you, and if she does.. just remember she will never forget!
" damn that girl lyrique attitude bad but she worth having as a friend "
by #girlnames May 26, 2018
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