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1.) Bred for it's exceptional skills in magic

2.) Just about my most favorite monster ever.
That lyger is flippin' sweet
by Napoleon January 21, 2005
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from the words lying and nigger. common among white supremacists. also known as chicken lover. optimizes after a hot pocket or aunt jemima meal.

and no, lyger is not a lion+tiger...that would be a tigon
that's one lazy lyger.

whats that lyger up to.

fuck you, lyger.

by Jobson May 13, 2006
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Same as Above, except to note that Lyger with Boxing Gloves can not be stopped by anyone, or anything, except Zombie Giant Baba - Props to ZRRG
Zombie Giant Baba beat Lyger via the Double Hand Baba Chop in 00:01:02
by Nise February 12, 2003
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