Derogatory term for a union member, particularly one who is incapable of independent thought and is scared of societal and economic progress and/or selfishly seeks to preserve his own occupation at any cost, including manipulating the law.
Oh don't be such a ludd and quit ragging on the free markets...
by Miketwine November 15, 2016
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A synonym for "literally". Often used sarcastically, as a deflection for abuse.
eg 1
person 1: How are we so munt as a group?
person 2: lhuddddeeeeeee

eg 2
Person 1: "you're such a fuckin pussy man"
person 2: "ludde"

eg 3
person 1: urr grurrr goblin
person 2: lhudddeee
by green golbin July 5, 2017
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Is short for the name Ludvig (above).

But is also a Norwegian term for a slick guy, that usually "fyrer av en i pumpen", that is doing girls up the bum.

You can see these types roaming bars and nightclubs with a hazed look in their eyes, and a bulge in their trousers.
This place is packed with ludde's, let's get out of here.
by h-ceezy January 15, 2010
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"Ludde" is commonly used in text messages. It has no meaning whatsoever. If you see a person randomly replying with "ludde" they are trying to be edgy or waste your time trying to google this word.
Eric:"Did you study for the test tommorow?"
by Readforonce August 12, 2020
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norwegian slang for the word 'rundbrenner'. in english continuous/constant burner or just casanova
by Anonymous February 6, 2003
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The act of severe vomitting and/or shitting do to excessive drinking.
Aww man, Ryan just ludde'd everywhere!
by Busteryday July 20, 2010
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