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a beatiful intellegent woman who is funny and would listen to your problems whenever u need to talked to someone she would cheer you up and wont leave you alone unless she sees you smile shes also smart and a funny and great girl to hang around with
lucila is and awesome person .
by lucyr303 April 06, 2009
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she the best person you can ever meet. She has the warmest heart and just by the smile on her fast you want to never leave her side all though she isn't book smart she for sure knows how to count money. She goes out of her way for the ones she loves. And although she won't always be around you will always feel her presence when shes past. shes the type of person you will love, miss, cry, and long to hear her deep but beautiful voice.
"I miss my grandmother Lucila," said Adilene
"I do too," cried Adi's sister.
by that one girl you love February 14, 2018
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