Adi's are creative, caring, daring and darling. Adi's have high standards for both themselves and the people they call friends. Adi's do not suffer fools or mean people. Adi's will stand up for you, stand behind you and are down with you. Adi's never forget and never regret.
"That girl just said the nicest thing."
"Of course. She's Adi."

"Let's bail on work and hit the beach!"
"I'm down!"
by Mr Special August 17, 2019
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Ady is a really nice person who cares for you a lot even if it doesn’t seem like it. She is full of mystery and kindness, and is beautiful.
Hey dude, have you met Ady?”
Ya, she’s amazing!”
by Dilemma’sFriend May 2, 2018
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Adi's can be very… Interesting, but they are also the most kind and compassionate people you'll ever meet. They have great seances of humor and they care a lot about school work. They do not stick them selves into the snobby crowd, but instead they find best friends that will stay with them forever. Adi's are also very caring for other people's needs and are beautiful. If you need an answer to anything, go to Adi!
Adi is so sweet!
by Samantha!!! April 15, 2015
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Adis have the most swag in the room. He may act mean to you but hes really showing affection. They usually are at the top of the swagger scale and they KNOW it. Every girl want him but hates him. Hes so openminded and intelligent. While still be sexy even with just black hair brown eyes and average height. If your an adi your lucky. Usually has many girlfriends.
Lexie watched as Adi walked by , she knew he liked her but was intimidated by his beauty. Somehow though he was behind her and told her how he felt almost like he could read her mind.

Starla flirted with Adi but sadly knew she couldnt get him since he was going out with Bianca and Julia
by BullsBrooksideMSjohneboi June 1, 2012
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Adie is a girl who is wonderful in all ways possible yet is extremely modest. She is shy and funny and energetic. When you have an Adie for a girlfriend, count on the fact that she will put all her trust in you, making you feel awful when you break a promise to her. She never really shows that she's happy when you do something nice for her, but inside she's extremely joyful. Adie is the perfect girl.
by sigmaagapomtinolikardiamu September 10, 2011
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Adis is the cutest boy you’ll ever meet. He’s really sweet even when he’s an idiot. He can be annoying but he’s adorable. Everyone loves him cause he’s so amazing, & one of the greatest funniest friends you’ll have.
Adis is mine💍
by 🤤❤️Yes Bitch❤️🤤 December 30, 2020
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Adi is the most amazing nice caring beautiful girl that you will ever meet she is very funny and fun to be around. She tends to make funny jokes and makes everyone laugh. Once you meet adi you know that she is a great girl and if you date her you know she’s a keeper. She is very cute and you cannot resist her.
Wow she is such an Adi”
I know right
by Mac tonight March 22, 2018
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