“Let Them Fucking Die”
A phrase coined by Son of Baldwin (please correct if I am wrong) that gets at how we should let racist white people die.

The phrase came via a written piece that was published after it was revealed that a likely kickass and beautiful queer Black woman saved that asshole racist republican rep from Louisiana (Scalise’s) life when someone shot up the baseball game.

Racist wypipo for sure aren’t trying to save Black lives... so, #LetThemFuckingDie or #LTFD for short.

It’s pretty for sure that non-racist wypipo aren’t even trying to save Black lives so... LTFD some more.
*Racist white person is being mauled by a pack of dogs*
Black Person #1: OMG should we call the authorities?
Black Person #2: Ok, really? First of all, the “authorities” would probably shoot us just for being in the vicinity and we’d end up dead, and secondly that’s that asshole professor who pretends to be all liberal but is really a racist piece of shit. LTFD.
BP #1: You right. UH is playing TSU later, you wanna go?
by Mr. Jacks Houston April 23, 2018
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I suffer from LTFD now, when I used to let them slide, now I cant.
by Septastic October 31, 2019
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