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A mix of the street drug LSD and the chemical found in many over-the-counter cough medicines DXM used together to produce more profound psychedelic effects than would be if they were used alone.

The most 2 most common methods are: 1) To take the DXM first (by use of cough syrup, gel caps or sprays), wait until the effects of the drug are felt, then drop the acid OR 2) Take both at the same time. The LSD will be felt first and then 1-2hr the DXM will be felt.
mIRC chatter1: Man, I took some lsdxm for the first time an hour ago and HOLY SHIT I'm tripping cartoons here...

mIRC chatter2: Dude, your going to be tripping for HOURS, have fun ^_^
by Neoluigi December 04, 2006
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